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The Lake Melvin Fishing Extravaganza, Official Rules

  • All fish must be caught by the participant with little or no assistance from another individual.
  • A fish can only be measured and counted towards a participants catch once per fish caught.
  • The event start time is 9 AM and the end time is Noon. Only fish caught between those times will be counted for the event.
  • Judging and prizes awarded will be based on fish length only. In the event of a tie, a winner will be selected at random from the tying participants.
  • The Dane Fire Department is the organizer of the event and will rule on any judging disputes. The ruling by the Dane Fire Department will be final.
  • All fish must be caught by use of a hook and line.
  • The use of barbless hooks is encouraged.
  • All fish must be caught in the Lake Melvin pond, Dane, WI.
  • The Lake Melvin Fishing Extravaganza is a catch and release event.
  • All Wisconsin Fishing Regulations Apply.


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