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Dane Fire Department-Annual Training Plan

Last Modified 6/2/04

The goal of this training plan is provide a list of general themes that should be covered on an annual basis and that relate to firefighting in the Dane County area. Each year a theme is scheduled to be presented, the desire is that a different topic from the year before, or a different approach be taken with the same material to introduce variety and another perspective to the theme being covered. The themes are not listed in any particular order. The themes may be taught in any order to accommodate scheduling so long as every theme is covered each calendar year.

The following is a list of general themes that are to be drilled on each calendar year.

  1. Fire Attack and ventilation
  2. Search & Rescue
  3. Hazardous Materials
  4. EMS
  5. Extrication
  6. Basic firefighting skills
  7. Water supply, hydrants and drafting
  8. Fire ground operations
  9. Radio operations and Incident Command
  10. Driving skills
  11. Engine/Pump operation
  12. Miscellaneous topics

Below is a list of theme related topics. One or more of the topics for that month's theme may be presented.

  1. Fire Attack
    • General fire attack
    • Hose and nozzles
    • Ventilation
  2. Search & Rescue
    • Large area search
    • Room to room search
  3. Hazardous Materials
    • General Hazardous Materials
    • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
    • Traex
    • Dane fertilizer facility
    • Hazardous Materials manual
  4. EMS
    • CPR and defib recertification
    • Basic first aid
    • Ambulance review
  5. Extrication
    • Heavy hydraulics
    • Hand tools
    • Stabilization
    • Extrication techniques
    • Types of vehicles
  6. Basic firefighting skills
    • Ground ladders
    • Portable equipment operation
    • Hose loads
    • Station cascade air system operation
  7. Water supply, hydrants and drafting
    • Rural operations
      • Setting up portable tanks
      • Tanker dumping
      • Jet Siphon operation
      • Tanker filling in the station
    • Urban operations
      • Hydrant fill station setup
      • Catching a hydrant on initial attack
      • Proper hydrant operation
    • Water main distribution
  8. Fire ground operations
    • Rapid Intervention Teams
    • Firefighter rescue techniques
    • Mutual aid tactics and support
    • General fire ground operations
    • Pre-incident plans
  9. Radio operations and Incident Command
    • Radio operation and protocol
    • Incident Command System
  10. Driving skills
    • Over the road driving
    • Driving skills course
    • General driving policies
    • Apparatus inspection
  11. Engine/Pump operation
    • General pump operation
    • Hydraulics
  12. Miscellaneous topics
    • Gas systems and emergencies
    • Electrical emergencies
    • Fire investigation
    • Wildland firefighting


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